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Breaking Barriers, Changing the Way Things Work, and Cultivating Community

"We understand that, in America today, yoga classes can be intimidating. So, we're cultivating supportive communities of students, spaces, and certified instructors in our cities so that every student feels welcome in our classes. 
Because each person resonates with different teachers and different types of learning, we offer a wide variety of classes to choose from. Explore everything from Restorative Yoga and T'ai Chi, to Beer Yoga, and live sound meditations. We also know that class pricing today can be out of most students' price range, so our students can pay what they can, when they can. 
Finally, We're keeping things joyful and supporting our communities by holding our classes in creative local spaces like coffee shops, art galleries, and community centers."

Support the teachers, spaces, and movement behind this platform by proudly wearing their merchandise! HelloYoga is thrilled to be the retailer of Good Elephant Apparel, and stands behind the belief that the accessibility, and practice of Yoga is for Everyone! 

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