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April 26th, 6:00pm, May 4th & 11th, 5:15pm at Great Basin Bicycles: Peaceful Power Vinyasa Flow

This flow will have great emphasis on hamstrings, glutes, and quads: often an area that needs extra love if you are a cyclist! It is open to everyone, and will be a wonderful way to explore a new business in town! Shop merchandise after class & leave ready for a beautiful weekend! Open to all levels and will be donation based with a suggestion of $12! 

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May 1st, 6:00pm: Cheeky

Squats and lunges and Bridges oh my! Join Karen for 45 minutes of Booty Burnnnn! A fun and challenging sculpt class to kick off the month! Class will be $10 and mats are available to use at HelloYoga! Grab a friend and get ready for full booty workout! 



May 10th, 6:30pm: Soul Food with the Chubby Yogi

Feed that hunger in your soul with this soulful, and vibrant flow! An all levels Vinyasa flow class designed to release energy, quiet the active mind, and ground the body. The Chubby Yogi believes that a well fed belly is the means to a well fed soul. A suggested donation of $20 will allow for a portion of the proceeds to be donated to the Northern Nevada Food Bank to help provide full bellies in our community.
HelloYoga has mats & blocks to use during class! 

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May 15th, 6:00pm: Monthly Oils Gathering 

Every third Wednesday of the month is dedicated to all things essential oils! This will be a casual gathering where we learn new diffuser blends, make rollers, get questions answered, explore physical & emotional uses, and so. much. more! Bring a friend, and all your oil topics and questions! Meet new people, learn how to utilize your essential oils and keep you and your family healthy and happy!

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May 17th, 6:30pm: AromaYoga Flow 

AromaYoga workshops are adaptable to suit a variety of yoga experiences and abilities. Yoga and essential oils are two strategies that can help to create personal balance and alignment. Yoga can move stagnant energy, open awareness, calm the mind, relax the body and restore equilibrium in a practice space that is entirely about you and your individual needs.

Are you holding tension or are you building strength?
What does it feel like when you’re holding tension in your body? I know the minute I start to stress about something I tense my muscles in my neck and back, pulling my shoulders up near my ears and rolling my shoulder heads forward. I either breathe shallow and quick or I hold my breath completely. Whether I’m driving in traffic or stressing about something I hold tension in those familiar places and of course my mind is racing or filling with dread.
What does it feel like to build strength? I feel I’m getting strong when my bones are aligned, I’m contracting my muscles in proper alignment and breathing into it. Leaning in to the resistance. Steady breath helps my mind stay focused or at least present. 
When we are tense we are coming from fear but becoming strong is from a place of neutrality or even calmness. 
The breath is the key to transforming tension into strength. 
Try this experiment for me in the next 48 hours. When you feel yourself feeling tense and stressed, align your bones and muscles correctly. Take a deep breath and contract your muscles to sit you up tall, and BREATHE. Using this method with the vehicle of breath helps change and calm the mind.

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May 31st, 6:30pm: Vibrational Sound Healing

Therapeutic grade Himalayan singing bowls, specifically designed for a subtle vibrational experience, affect the body on a cellular level. Our cellular structure is mostly intracellular fluid, so the vibrations have a ripple effect on the body and help to realign, retune and rebalance the body back to a natural state of resonance. Many times, pain in the body is washed away.
The singing bowls are honed to specific, harmonic frequencies aimed to create bin-aural beats that naturally and almost instantly affect your brain's wave lengths, thus allowing your auditory experience to take your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation.
When you experience deep relaxation, stress and tension are released. Reduced stress automatically invokes a positive change in body chemistry. This natural change in the body chemistry allows the body to repair, rejuvenate and heal itself.

Bring blankets, fuzzy socks, blocks, bolsters,or anything else that will make you comfortable during the healing! Open to all levels, and will be $20!

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Weekly Classes: 
Sundays, 5:30pm: 
Sunday Sunset Flow 
Join us at HelloYoga for a gentle Vinyasa Flow hosted by the Good Elephant Co. 
Karen will take you through an all levels vinyasa class that will help you wind down the weekend and prepare you for the week ahead! 
This class is a donation class- suggested is $12! 


Thursdays, 6:00pm: Unshakeable 
This Power Vinyasa class will get you sweaty, and work your entire body! 
Feel your power in the flow; and know that whatever happens; you are unshakeable! Empower yourself, and get ready for an amazing Friday! 
This is a donation class- suggested is $12!